Posted on: January 17th, 2020

Ivan Baxter is a retired civil servant.  He has been a member of the Civil Service Pensioners Alliance (CSPA) for twenty years and was its local Secretary, with a seat on the National Council.  He represented CSPA on Age Sector Platform (ASP) and latterly has been ASP’s Chair for the last two years.  Ivan is a member of the National Pensioners Convention, a member of the Belfast East Seniors Forum, and is also a representative on the Greater Belfast Seniors Forum.

Ivan has lobbied and campaigned on issues of national importance such as the “Triple Lock” and the new State Pension, protecting the over 60s Smart Pass travel scheme, protecting state benefits for older people, and improving access to health and social care.

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Engage with Age can accept referrals of individual older people aged 50+ who are at risk of loneliness and social isolation, inviting them to participate in group activities. At present Engage with Age does not offer one-to-one support for individual older people and cannot visit individual older people. To make a referral please complete the on-line Referral Form and submit or alternatively please print off a copy of the PDF Referral Form and send it to us. See also the Referral Criteria for details of who can be referred.

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