Age Partnership Belfast

Since January 2013, Engage with Age, Volunteer Now, and North Belfast Seniors Forum have worked together through a partnership called Age Partnership Belfast. This partnership aims:

To build a sustainable partnership that will support and reflect the voice of older people.

To empower and enable older people to play a more active role in their city.

To connect the views of older people to influence decision-makers and service providers.


Engage with Age works with a wide range of agencies and peer organisations.  Partners include:

  • Greater Belfast Seniors’ Forum
  • Health Ageing Strategic Partnership
  • City-wide Group on isolation and loneliness
  • Queen’s University of Belfast
  • Ulster University
  • Funders such as Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and Public Health Agency
  • Age Friendly Belfast

Engage with Age also co-chairs the Dementia Friendly East Belfast campaign.


Engage with Age can accept referrals of individual older people aged 50+ who are at risk of loneliness and social isolation, inviting them to participate in group activities. Engage with Age offers one-to-one telephone befriending support for individual older people but does not currently provide in person visits to individual older people. To make a referral please complete the on-line Referral Form and submit or alternatively please print off a copy of the PDF Referral Form and send it to us. See also the Referral Criteria for details of who can be referred.

Referral Form Referral Criteria